NDB is your trusted ACH Atlanta, GA auditors, providing audit services in accordance with Appendix Eight "Rule Compliance Audit Requirements" as published by NACHA Operating Rules & Guidelines, part 8.1 to Part 8.3.  

Organizations involved in the ACH payments industry have a number of provisions for which they must adhere to for purposes of regulatory compliance, with the most notable being that of Appendix Eight within the NACHA Operating Rules & Guidelines.  NDB, with years of experience performing engagement of this type, can help all organizations become compliant with Appendix Eight in an efficient and cost-effective manner.  

NDB also provides policy and procedure development for many areas that require such, as prescribed by the annual NACHA Operating Rules & Guidelines.  Policy and procedure documents relating to fraud detection and prevention, OFAC compliance, and risk assessment | risk management, are a few of the notable examples we can help develop for your organization.

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As for the requirements stipulated in Appendix Eight “Rule Compliance and Audit Requirements” within the NACH Operating Rules & Guidelines, this mandates that all relevant entities (i.e., Depository Financial Institution(s) | DFI’s, Third Party Service Providers (TPSP), Third Party Senders (TPS), and other applicable organizations) adhere to the respective conditions within parts 8.1 to 8.3. NDB, with their proven and capable ACH auditors, has developed a highly efficient assessment methodology for Appendix Eight “Rule Compliance Audit Requirements”, one that results in achieving compliance in a cost-effective, yet comprehensive manner.

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Author: Charles Denyer