NDB provides MERS compliance auditors and auditing services for metro Atlanta businesses.  MERS, which stands for Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, was established by leading organizations entities within the mortgage banking industry as they wanted to create more efficient system for tracking mortgage loan information with a unique identifier, which ultimately became known as the 18-digit Mortgage Identification Number, known as a MIN.

MERS Compliance is Spreading Fast | NDB Provides MERS Auditor and Auditing Services

Does your organization require compliance with MERS? Possibly if you’re deemed to be an originator, services, lender, custodian, agent, title company, recorder or any other significant party within the real estate finance | mortgage banking industry.

More and more organizations are being required to become compliant with the MERS provisions, so talk to the experts at NDB and get know their specialty services for this complex industry, which include the following:

Compliance with MERS can be a challenge at times, especially when you consider all the provisions and supporting processes, procedure and documentation that must not only be adhered to, but also in place.  NDB can assist with every aspect of MERS compliance - just contact us today to learn more.

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NDB’s MERS audits and auditor services have been built upon years of credible and relevant experience in one of the most regulated industries in the country.  Contact Christopher G. Nickell, CPA, at 1-800-277-5415, ext. 706, (email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) to learn more about NDB's MERS consulting, compliance, audit, and auditor services. 

Author: Charles Denyer