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SOC 1 SSAE 18 Roadmap to Compliance for Denver, Colorado Businesses

Looking for a comprehensive SOC 1 SSAE 18 roadmap towards compliance, one that ensures Colorado businesses – and other organizations throughout the Rockies and the Plains – can successfully complete such an assessment on time, within budget, and with minimal business interruption? NDB – Colorado’s leading provider of regulatory compliance audits – offers a comprehensive SOC 1 SSAE 18 roadmap for compliance for ensuring an efficient process from beginning to end.

NDB also offers SOC 2 services for businesses using Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google GCP

We’re Colorado’s Leading Provider of SOC 1 SSAE 18 Audits

Is your business based in Colorado (i.e., Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, etc.) and you’re in need of a SOC 1 SSAE 18 audit? Not sure as to where to start, who to speak with, and what the process is for becoming SOC 1 SSAE 18 compliant? Turn to the experts at NDB for learning all you need to know about today’s demanding, complex, and ever-changing world of regulatory compliance. SOC 1 SSAE 18 audits don’t have to an inefficient and costly exercise – not with NDB – and not when you follow our proven process that’s been fine-tuned by highly experienced auditors for decades.

Important Points to Note for SOC 1 SSAE 18 Audits

Performing a SOC 1 SSAE 18 assessment, especially for Colorado businesses new to the world of regulatory compliance, can be challenging indeed. It’s why now’s a good time to educate yourself on important points you need to know for ensuring an efficient and smooth audit process from day one. You’ll want to avoid cost overruns, scope creep, and other audit challenges – and you can – so long as you have a strong understanding of the important elements for a successful SOC 1 SSAE 18 audit.

Begin with a Readiness Assessment

Want to complete a SOC 1 SSAE 18 assessment on time, within budget, and with minimal business interruptions issues for your organization – if so – then it’s important to consider performing a readiness assessment. Learning about scope, personnel involved, deficiencies within one’s internal control environment – and more – are the benefits for Colorado businesses when conducting such an assessment with NDB. Is it just another audit expense – not at all – it’s an essential ingredient for long-term compliance success, no question about it.

What is SOC 1 SSAE 18 and the importance of a Scoping and Readiness Assessment

Organizations that take the time to perform a readiness assessment find the audit to be a much for efficient process than those that simply look at the cost. Remember, understanding audit boundaries, identifying gaps and remediation steps to take, along with putting in place achievable milestones are just a few of the notable outputs of a well-implemented readiness assessment.

The Importance of Assessing Audit Scope

One of the biggest challenges auditors have in performing SOC 1 SSAE 18 audits – or any type of regulatory compliance assessment – is determining scope in regards to information systems. Because of this, it’s a really good idea – and a best practice – to have a comprehensive asset inventory list in place that lists all your information systems. Specifically, start with networking devices (i.e., firewalls, switches, routers, etc.), then document all of your servers (both physical and virtual) and the underlying operating systems and applications residing on them. With that, you know have a true picture of your entire I.T. landscape – at least in terms of systems – which helps auditors tremendously in deterring scope and choosing samples of information systems to assess for the SOC 1 SSAE 18 audit.

Key Elements to Understand About Auditing

Auditing a service organization means spending time with select personnel, asking questions, collecting documentation, and inspecting various facilities. It’s actually a simple and straightforward approach when it comes to SOC 1 SSAE 18 compliance, thanks to NDB’s proven process that eliminates any business interruption issues without compromising the quality of the audit. While looked upon as a dreadful process – it’s really not – especially when using the NDB auditing method, so call and speak with Christopher. G. Nickell, CPA, at 1-800-277-5415, ext. 706, or email him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. today.

SOC 1 SSAE 18 and SOC 2 Policy Templates and Information Security Policies

What’s the Final Deliverable? Good question! Colorado service organizations assessing against the SSAE 18 standard – under the direction of the AICPA SOC 1 framework – will receive what’s called a Service Auditor’s Report. Contained within the report is a service organization’s description of its system, a written statement of assertion by management, actual assessment and testing (if a Type 2) results, and other administrative language. As for the users of the reports, they are generally restricted to management of the service organization and other specific parties – hence – this is not a general purpose, public document.

NDB – Colorado’s Leading Provider of Fixed-Fee SOC 1 and SOC 2 Audits

The regulatory compliance drumbeat is louder than ever today for Colorado businesses, forcing many service organizations to spend thousands of dollars, along with committing hundreds of operational hours each year. Is there a better way – NDB thinks so – it’s the NDB fixed-fee SOC 1 SSAE 18 auditing methodology that’s highly efficient and cost-effective. Call and speak with Christopher. G. Nickell, CPA, today at 1-800-277-5415, ext. 706, or email him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Hosting in Amazon AWS and Need a SOC 1 or SOC 2 Audit? Let's Talk.

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If you’re a Colorado business new to the world of regulatory compliance, then now’s the time to talk to the SOC 1 SSAE 18 and SOC 2 experts at NDB, a firm with years of experience in performing a wide variety of compliance reporting. From SOC 1 SSAE 18, SOC 2, SOC 3, EI3PA, ACH Audits, MERS compliance, internal audits, and more, we’re the firm to talk to.

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