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SOC 2 Compliance Audits & Reports Denver, Colorado

SOC 2 compliance audits & reports for Denver, Colorado service organizations are now immediately available from North America’s leading SOC experts on SOC 1, SOC 2, and SOC 3 reporting, and that’s NDNB. Today’s complex business environment is placing heavy security mandates on thousands of businesses throughout the country, with SOC 2 often becoming the go to de facto assessment standard.

NDNB also offers SOC 1 and SOC 2 audit reports for businesses using Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google GCP.  And if you're using AWS for hosting of your production environment, here's what you need to know NOW about SOC 2 audits.

With a proven audit methodology that results in a highly efficient SOC 2 process from beginning to end, NDNB can help Colorado businesses save hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars on annual regulatory compliance costs. What you need is a quick primer on the entire SOC 2 process, so take note of the following points below, provided by North America’s leading provider of SOC 1 and SOC 2 audits – NDB:

SOC 2 Compliance Audits & Reports Denver, Colorado

Get Ready: “Getting ready” effectively means performing a SOC 2 compliance readiness assessment, a brief, yet in-depth engagement that evaluates a service organization’s internal control as it relates to information security and operational policies, procedures and processes. Look, you don’t dive right into a SOC 2 assessment – especially if your organization is completely new to auditing – and it’s why a SOC 2 readiness assessment is highly essential. Determining gaps, weaknesses, and deficiencies prior to the audit is the key for a successful SOC 2 assessment, and it’s why a readiness assessment is a must.

Assess TSP’s: Remember that there are five (5) Trust Services Principles (TSP) to pick and choose from regarding a SOC 2 audit. While some companies choose to audit against all five, others only choose a few, with many service organizations also opting just for the “Security” TSP. Which of the TSP’s should your business assess against and why? Call and speak with Christopher G. Nickell, CPA, at 1-800-277-5415, ext. 706 to get the answers you need. From client requirements to market expectations, there’s much to consider when determining scope and the applicable TSP’s.

Remediate: Most service organizations will find that marginal to significant remediation will be necessary from both an operational and information security perspective. More specifically, policies and procedures need to be developed, implemented, and followed, and it’s documentation that typically is the most time-consuming aspect of SOC 2 compliance. NDNB provides a comprehensive SOC 2 Policy Packet to our valued clients for helping save time and money with regulatory compliance.

Auditing: It may seem like a dreaded word, but “auditing” done the NDNB way is efficient, comprehensive, and flexible. As industry leading providers of SOC 2 compliance for many years, we’ve developed a methodology that’s incredibly easy-to-follow, one that greatly minimizes any business interruption for our clients. Don’t fear auditing – not from NDNB – we’ve got you covered with a process that works well! Just remember that you’ll be providing various documents for purposes of SOC 2 compliance evidence, such as screenshots, memos, configuration files, and much more.

Report Preparation: The final SOC 2 report is generally known as the Service Auditor’s Report, a lengthy document containing all essential information relating to a service organization’s control environment. While the actual length of the report can greatly vary from one CPA firm to another, they all will contain similar information, such as the description of the “system”, managements’ assertion, user control considerations, and other vital subject matter.

SOC 2 Compliance Audits & Reports Denver, Colorado

When it comes to fixed fees, great service, and high-quality work, trust the regulatory compliance experts at NDNB, providers of SOC 2 compliance audits & reports for the entire Denver metropolitan area. We’ve been working with Colorado businesses for years, so contact us today to learn more about NDNB’s fixed-fee pricing for SOC 2 audits. We also provide SOC 1, SOC 3, PCI DSS, HIPAA, HITRUST, FISMA, and ISO 27000 compliance services, and much more.

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