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Customized Risk Assessment Plans for Compliance | SOC 2 Audits | PCI DSS

customized risk assessment plans for compliance, including SOC 2 audits, PCI DSS compliance, and much more

Comprehensive Risk Assessment Services

NDB offers customized risk assessment plans for compliance, including SOC 2 audits, PCI DSS compliance, and much more. One of the biggest mandates for regulatory compliance is the requirement to perform a risk assessment. PCI DSS, SOC audits, CMMC, HITRUST, and many other laws, regulations, and frameworks – they all require a risk assessment to be performed.

Regardless of one’s industry, size, or location, every business has a number of minimum baseline risk elements that need to be assessed on an annual basis, and that’s exactly what NDG offers with industry leading risk assessment checklists and other supporting materials. Managing risk is highly essential, and it begins with one of the most fundamentally important components regarding the broader subject of risk, which is undertaking an annual risk assessment process.

Let NDB Develop your Risk Assessment Plan

All of today’s growing regulatory compliance mandates requires that an annual risk assessment be performed. Fine, that’s the easy part. But what type of risk assessment, over what areas, and what is the actual process of performing one? Big questions that need to be answered, and NDB has those answers indeed. Organizations have two (2) options when it comes to working with NDB for risk assessments. First, you can use our risk assessment template developed for SOC 2 audits. Second, NDB can develop a customized program from the ground up, working with your organization in identifying and defining critical risk categories and areas to examine.

Understanding the Different Categories of Risk

The key to developing a well-thought out risk assessment program is identifying exactly what risk categories to include within one’s overall risk assessment program. Currently, these are the following risk categories to choose from:

  • Key Risks
  • Information Technology & Information Security Risk(s)
  • PII & PHI Risk(s)
  • Cardholder Data Risk(s)
  • Compliance Risk(s)
  • Reputation Risk(s)
  • Strategic Risk(s)
  • Operational Risk(s)
  • Transaction Risk(s)
  • Credit Risk(s)
  • Country Risk(s)
  • Third Party Risk(s)
  • Interest Rate Risk(s)
  • Liquidity Risk(s)
  • Legal Risk(s)
  • Market Risk(s)

NDB helps organizations identify and implement all necessary risk categories for ultimately developing a comprehensive and thorough risk assessment program.

Contact us Today for Comprehensive Risk Assessment Services

Not only is performing a risk assessment a best practice every organization should be doing, it’s also a strict regulatory compliance requirement for many of today’s growing rules and regulations. Think PCI DSS compliance, SOC 1 and SOC 2 audits, CMMC – the list just goes on and on. With NDB, you know have a proven, trusted provider of risk assessment services. To learn more, contact us today at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Additionally, NDB offers numerous regulatory compliance audits and assessments, along with providing clients with an easy-to-use and implement risk assessment template for fast and easy compliance.